About Us

About Us

Reverse Bungy N.Z Limited began developing and manufacturing the lucrative Sky Screamer range back in 1997. Our bungy machine has proven to be the most popular – and well-used machine. As a result our company has put more research and development into this model. The company has 3 founder directors, Troy, Bridgitte and Paul – all with specialised skills well – suited to the production and running of these unique rides that are all about thrills and adventure- with complete safety.

Troy has a strong architectural background and is responsible for the overall design, and development of the equipment. His sporting interests have taken him round the world many times, and include Ironman contests, hang gliding, kayaking and other adrenaline sports. As our credentials indicate, we have a “do anything” philosophy.

Bridgitte has always had her own company and has brought maturity and consistency to the firm.


We would like to give the whole world the opportunity to enjoy our fun toys

For information about purchasing a machine for your country contact us at Reverse Bungy N.Z. Limited.